Kenya Coast

The romanticism and the balmy breezes of the Kenya Coast has charmed many a visitor to it’s shores, where the warm Indian Ocean meets equatorial East Africa. Views of dhows sailing beyond the reef are an exotic reminder of spice routes and early seafarers. Kenya’s coast has an immensely interesting and rich history – with many a reminder of bygone civilisations, cultures, and historical events to be seen scattered along her shores.

The Kenya Coast is an area of outstanding natural beauty, with brilliant sandy white beaches, coral atolls, mangrove forests, lagoons, creeks, remote islands, and secluded bays. Home to a vast array of marine and land flora and fauna.
In addition to the idyllic beach life, the coast also offers world class entertainment, spectacular sporting activities and accommodation facilities catering to a wide variety of tastes from the young and adventurous, to those seeking sun and relaxation – or others keen on delving into the culture and history.