Jozani Forest
Jozani Forest lies 35kms South-East of Zanzibar Town. Covering an area of about 50 km2 (19 sq miles), it is the only remaining natural forest on Unguja island This forest is one of the last remaining sanctuaries in the world of the red colobus monkey (Colobus badius kirkii) . The monkeys are endangered species, but numbers have increased in recent years thanks to conservation work by the nature reserve working closely with the local people. It is estimated that there are now between 2,000-2,500 monkeys in this nature reserve. The monkeys are wild, but it is possible to get close and photograph them with the help of your guide. Other interesting features in this forest include the coastal evergreen bushland, mangrove forest, and saline grassland and a walk through this impressive flora and fauna can be truly refreshing.
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